The Wilbinga Shacks Crew comprises owners, managers and volunteers of four shacks approximately midway along the coast from Two Rocks to Guilderton within the Wilbinga Conservation Park. 

The four shacks have been in their current location for a period of 5 decades and have served the purpose for many years as recreational fishing shacks that were built by the original pastoral land managers of the time. 

Generations later and these shacks are still maintained by the families of the original pastoral managers. 

Back in 2008, the Government of Western Australia extended the Conservation Park from the Pastoral lands.

The Conservation Park now makes up for the majority of land from Guilderton North to Two Rocks to the South, 

To the Northern boundary, there is still land outside the Conservation Park that is privately owned. 

To the South, the Conservation Park boundary is separated by the City of Wanneroo metro beach (West) and 4 private properties to the South East.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife, Swan Coastal Parks and Visitors Services manage and service the Wilbinga Conservation Park. 

Parks and Wildlife have recognised the historical value & significance of these four Shacks and those dedicated people that continue to maintain them against very challenging odds, both weather, and vandalism. 

The Wilbinga Shacks Crew have agreed to maintain an 'adoption project agreement'' in a voluntary capacity working with Parks and Wildlife in an attempt to maintain future responsible access to the coastal areas of the Conservation Park for outdoor recreational purposes.

Annually the Wilbinga Shacks Crew and its volunteers coordinate and lead a yearly cleanup of the Park.  

Custodians of the Wilbinga Shacks Crew are affectionately known as...

  1. Gary;
  2. Ken;
  3. Bob;
  4. Dave.

There are many, many volunteers that help these guys maintain all four shacks. 

Here is a list of some of those dedicated volunteers;

  • Sandgroper (RIP)
  • Dazza
  • Smithy
  • Wally
  • Neville
  • Geoff - liaison officer;
  • And many, many more. 

Other groups, clubs & organisations that have assisted and are supportive of the Shacks Crew projects;

  • Totally 4x4
  • The WA 4wd Association;
  • Track Care WA;
  • The Gingin Shire;
  • Keep Australia Beautiful Council;
  • Parks and Wildlife - Swan Coastal;
  • Wheres Wally Adventures;
  • The 4wd Club of WA;
  • 4wding Responsibly;
  • Rise Above 4wd;
  • Full on 4x4 Adventures;
  • Mitsubishi 4wd Club;
  • Full on 4x4 Adventures;
  • Rigs and Rutz 4x4
  • Ultimate 4wd Training;
  • Adventure 4wd Training;
  • Off-Road Equipment;
  • Eureka 4wd Training;
  • 4wd Extras;
  • Air Down 4x4
  • West Coast 4x4;
  • Rise Above 4x4;
  • The 4wd Club of WA
  • Land Rover Owners Club;
  • Land Cruiser Club of WA;
  • Perth 4x4 Accessories;
  • Ape Suspensions;
  • Motor Traders Association;
  • All Tracks 4wd Club;
  • Armadale 4wd Club;
  • TeamW4;
  • SRS Fabrications;
  • Coastal Cleanup Crew..

Land Managers worthy of mentioning;

  • Shawn Debono;
  • Brett Fitzgerald; 
  • David Charles;
  • John Wheeler;
  • Terry Goodlich;
  • Vicki Winfield. 

The Wilbinga Shacks Crew encourages all users of the Conservation Park to treat the park with the utmost respect which means keeping to the 4wd tracks - please do not drive through virgin bushland, keep OFF the vegetation. And what is taken into the Park, please take back out.

Wilbinga is a 'Conservation Park', it is not everyone's personal 'rubbish tip'.

Thank you.