Frequently Asked Questions


Disclaimer: The answers to these questions could change as strategies change to meet with continual improvements by recognised third parties.

The answers given are considered correct at the time of posting. 

Question: Will there be a 2020 May annual cleanup of Wilbinga? (The Crew)

Answer: Unfortunately no due to the COVID19 pandemic. Parks and Wildlife officials will not risk any of there people to support this year's clean up, so the cleanup has been postponed to 2021 in May pending a vaccine. 

Question: Can I be a 'dickhead' in Wilbinga?! (The Crew)

Answer: Being that there are many others that responsibly recreate in Wilbinga, any anti-social behavior that you may upset other visitors to the Wilbinga Conservation Park will be absolutely frowned upon and you'll possibly get reported by other visitors to the authorities. 

Question: Do road rules still apply anywhere in Wilbinga? (The Crew)

Answer: Absolutely, yes they do! 

Question: Can we get to Wilbinga through Two Rocks? (Andrew Baxter)

Answer: Technically no, you cannot. Though you could make an application to the City of Wanneroo in an attempt to have them encourage the property owners/land developers to allow access through to Wilbinga. The Crew has no influence over the Two Rocks area with the City of Wanneroo but we are aware of their bylaw rulings. Ideally having the property owners/land developers agree to an adoption of that area by a club or a social media group to better manage their risk at no cost to COW or property owners/land developers may pay dividends for access, keeping in mind there are four property owners to deal with up there. Basically the same as what the shacks Crew have achieved for Wilbinga with Parks and Wildlife. You may need to consider forming a working group for such a venture. 

Question: Can I leave my leftover rubbish on the beaches, the dunes, or the bush area such as soiled nappies smoldering in a campfire? (The Crew)

Answer: HELL NO! If you can bloody well take it in, you can bloody well take it out with you, ya lazy bastards! Put us out of a job organising annual cleanups for crying out loud, we'd rather be fishing. 

Question: What is the recommended tyre pressures for Wilbinga?! (The Crew)

Answer: This very much depends on the construction of tyre, the weight of the vehicle but a good starting point for all is approx. 14psi for the average family-sized 4wd such as a Prado or Pajero, Heavier the vehicle you may have to go higher a couple of PSI, lighter such as a Jimnie, you may find yourself to 10psi. Its the footprint, length of the tread that makes the difference. Re-check when you get to the beach as pressures do expand with heat. Minimise the chop-chop, please - sick of the chop-chop out there. Get the momentum right as some spots there is no traction, a waste of time chasing the traction where there is none. 

Question: Can I drive or ride my un-licensed motor vehicle in Wilbinga? (Richard Nicholls)

Answer: No you can not, all vehicles must be licensed and insured. 

Question: Is there an area map that shows where I can go, please?! (The Crew)

Answer: Yes there is -

Question: Can I drive over virgin bushland?! (The Crew)

Answer: If you want to see the closure of Wilbinga, be a dickhead and go right ahead. No ya bloody well can't. You MUST remain on the formed 4wd tracks. 

Question: Who has right of way when traversing the formed 4wd tracks?! (The Crew)

Answer: To minimise environmental impacts, ALWAYS the larger convoy of vehicles have right of way, with that said try and minimise vehicle convoy sizes with the clubs and social media groups, please! 

Question: Should I run a sand flag on my vehicle?! (The Crew)

Answer: HELL YES! Please!  

Question: Can I enter Wilbinga on a declared total fire ban?! (The Crew)

Answer: NO, because according to Gingin Fireries the 4wd tracks in Wilbinga are not sufficiently cleared enough to allow access on a total fire ban!

Question: Can I enter Wilbinga on a declared harvest, hot works, vehicle movement ban?! (The Crew)

Answer: NO, because according to Gingin Fireries the 4wd tracks in Wilbinga are not sufficiently cleared enough! Generally speaking, when a total fire ban is declared so too will a harvest, hot works, vehicle movement ban. Both fire bans are initiated by different Government bodies.

Question: Can I enter Wilbinga on a long weekend during the summer months and even camp out there?! (The Crew)

Answer: No you cannot, this would include Australia Day long weekend and even Boxing Day and New Years Day. Why?! Because the Shire of Gingin who envokes a Harvest, vehicle movement ban, they simply do not have enough resources over long weekends to fight fires effectively that may be caused by idiots that light campfires during a fire ban season. The small minority stuffing things up again. 

Question: Can I camp at Wilbinga, either in the dunes or on the beach? (Henry Hendrix)

Answer: We get this question asked of us quite frequently and there is some confusion attached to the answer to this question due to multiple interests in managing the Wilbinga Conservation Park and the area of UCL. The short answer technically is no, there is no camping according to the Shire of Gingin. However, Swan Coastal District Parks and Wildlife that manage Wilbinga with whom we have an adoption agreement with, their take on overnight camping is it will be tolerated if for only one night and the camping is achieved responsibly. The Crew have been asked to take on a role as caretakers of a designated camping area within Wilbinga but we are reluctant to take on such a task given the upkeep and maintenance of such a facility, Talks are still in progress in finding a suitable site and a club or group taking on the role of caretakers. No one has agreed yet to even take a look at such a proposal at caretaking a campground within Wilbinga in a voluntary capacity - there would be a lot of manual labor work involved on a continual basis. At least one location has been considered for this purpose. Just to reiterate, camping is still at your risk and you could be asked to move on by rangers out there.

Just to understand the beaches in Wilbinga, the beaches are not part of the Conservation Park and not under adoption but the Crew does play their part in trying to keep the beaches clean as well. It's pretty much no man's land in that it is meant to be managed by Lands and Administration. So really, no issue actually camping on the beach itself below the high tide mark.  

We hope all of that makes sense now. 

Question: We used to enter from Two Rocks years ago we now go Military Rd, is there another way in beside that? (Misty Roberts)

Answer: Yes, there are two other official entry and exit points from Indian Ocean Drive. We have taken the liberty of updating the area map to show these points via green pins on the map.

Rig Road is tricky that way now as part of the track on the way in on the top of a particular hill has been bulldozed over in an attempt to stop the morons from crossing the fence line into private property, the small minority of idiots stuffing things up again. We certainly don't blame the farmer for modifying the track in an attempt to look after his property interests of 300 cattle. We don't want that cattle getting into the Conservation Park. The other way is via Wilbinga Grove. So yes, there are two other entry points further up the coast. If a visitor would simply air down and slow down on Wilbinga Road entry it wouldn't be so dammed corrugated. We are sick of the corrugations, to be honest. Don't understand why some need to travel at mac five to get to the beach on full tyre pressures, the beaches are not going anyplace soon.

Question: Is the Wilbinga Shacks 4x4 Crew an official club?! (The Crew)

Answer: Definitely not. To understand the Shacks Crew structure is to take a look at its actual structure, All four Shacks were constructed some 60 years ago by the original pastoralist that managed this land and these Shacks have been passed down from one generation to the next. In 2008 a State Government decision was made to turn the Pastoral lands into a Conservation Park to be managed by Parks and Wildlife. The Shacks Crew are now part of the 'Strategic Management Plan' of Wilbinga as Parks and Wildlife (DBCA) volunteers.