DBCA 205 Form

Volunteer Registration Form - to be completed by the volunteer. 

Parks and Wildlife's

Relevant Information;

  1. Code of Conduct - click here!
  2. Letter to the volunteer orgnaisations - click here!
  3. Volunteer Health and Safety Induction - click here!
  4. Volunteer Health and Safety Induction Check List  - click here! 
  5. DBCA Form 208 Volunteer Group Form (PDF) (Club / Social Media Group) - click here!
  6. DBCA Form 207 Volunteer Individual Form (PDF) - click here!
Personal Details

Other Details

(NB: Non-residents must provide proof of valid travel health insurance as they are not covered by the departments insurance policy).

I confirm that I have received. read and acknowledged Parks and Wildlife's Code of Conduct and Volunteer Health and Safety Induction. I agree to abide by the expectations and requirements as explained in the documents and I understand that failure to do so may result in my de-registration as a volunteer. 

I understand that my data will e held on a secure computer system. I hereby consent to this information being stored (in any format), and processed as required for the purpose of my prospective volunteer status by Parks and Wildlife, on condition that the Department will, so far as possible, keep such information confidential. 

I permit Parks and Wildlife to use my image for training, promotional, media and other non-commercial purposes as appropriate. 

Please note by ticking the below box you are acknowledging that above is true and correct. 

Health and safety checklist must be completed by the PROJECT SUPERVISOR'S, Click here!