The Annual 2022 Wilbinga Conservation Park Cleanup. 

DBCA Project Number: 8.2.47

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Relevant Information;

  1. Code of Conduct - click here!
  2. Letter to the volunteer organisations - click here!
  3. DBCA Form 208 Volunteer Group Form (PDF) (Club / Social Media Group) - click here!
  4. DBCA Form 205 Volunteer Individual Form (PDF) - click here!
  5. Health and Safety Stuff - click here!

The Meeting Plan

Like previous years there will be two entry points into the Park.

The first entry point is at Wilbinga Road, please turn left here and swing back towards the main road on the gravel - directions from Perth... 

Air down here to conditions both trailer and vehicle and head in no faster than 30kph - 40kph, please. 

The second entry point will be at Wilbinga Grove, see below directions from Perth...

Meeting times between 8:00 am and 9:00 am. 

Groups or clubs once all together at either of the meeting locations being Wilbinga Road or Wilbinga Grove can head in whenever they are ready.