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Here is the area displaying where the Conservation Park actually extends which measures to approx. 99 square kilometers.

Please try and remain in this area shaded blue as this is the Adopted Shacks Crew area and the only area we have left to recreate on as 4wdrivers closest to Perth - north. It MUST be protected.   

The orange shaded area we are getting confirmation on. 

To the north is private property, please keep out.

To the south is the Wanneroo area where we no longer have access since the closure of Dewar's Track by the City of Wanneroo for safety and environmental concerns. 

If everyone could group up and head in somewhere between 8:00am and 9:00 am from either Wilbinga Road to the south or Wilbinga Grove to the north that would be great, this gives everyone plenty of time to fill their trailers up and still get back to the Shacks on their way out, the Shacks Crew will give everyone directions as the shortest possible distance back out on Wilbinga Road to Wanneroo Road and to the dump point.

Ok folks, making this real easy, please dump all your rubbish right here straight off the back of your trailers be it in heavy-duty plastic bags or strapped down on the trailers - at the orange pins, please, DBCA BBQ trailer and truck head in this way too on the blue line; 

Above mapping showing tracks and pins are purely suggestions to the clubs and groups. If you know of another target area, go for it ;-) 

DBCA will do a pickup later in the week. 

The meeting Plan | What to bring | The Plan | Supportive Organisations